Friday, May 18, 2012

The May 30th Meeting

I think we'll be getting a turnout at the next Membership meeting *.

Over the past week at every studio I've gone into, I've gotten asked about the gathering that will take place at 1105 N. Hollywood Way the Wednesday after next. (May 30th.) People know that the negotiations went less than swimmingly. ...

Members tell me:

1) What did the producers offer, exactly?

2) Why did the negotiating committee walk out?

3) What's going to happen now?

4) I plan to be at the meeting.

Today I had a roomful of people ask about the issues and the April negotiations, and I did a short symposium.

I told the group the negotiations were scheduled for three days and that I thought, on day two of the talks, that it looked like we were maybe headed to a deal, since we had addressed some side-letter issues and gotten (I believed) positive response.


When the "economic package" (benefits plus wages) was presented by the producers in side bar near the end of Day Two, committee members' faces fell atop the floor. Everyone on our side went back into the caucus room and discussed the figures that had been laid out, and not in a happy way. A little while later, the producers asked for an opportunity to give their reasoning behind the proposal, and so the committee trooped into the large negotiating room and listened to various studio reps give their explanations for the low-ball numbers.

The following morning, after sixteen hours to mull over the information, the TAG negotiating committee unanimously voted to reject it. And walked out.

Most of the studio employees who heard my monologue today said they would be at the meeting on the 30th to hear from negotiating committee members. I told them it was important to attend, and important that they give their input.

*Note: This WEDNESDAY, May 30th meeting is one day later than TAG's regularly-scheduled Tuesday meeting.


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