Monday, May 14, 2012

Jeffrey K. Steps Up

Regular readers of this web-based journal are familiar with the political grenades our most prolific author can throw. In his lobbing of discussion bombs, he regularly points out that conservative forces have been long at work eroding the very tenants of President Rosevelt's Second New Deal porgrams.

In what can be called the latest effort to beat back those forces, Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of signator studio DreamWorks Animation, has donated $2 Million to the superPAC supporting the re-election of President Obama.

Congratulations and thanks are due to Mr. Katzenberg. While his representatives in negotiations certainly weren't the pro-labor liberal advocates Jeffrey has shown himself to be, we respect his on-going commitment to liberal politics as well as his support of President Obama.


TotalD said...

There should be no Super Pacs period. It is a betrayal of America by the republican Taliban. As generous as the donationS Are the corporations can vastly outspend Mr K.

(captcha blessed nessfgu)

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