Saturday, May 26, 2012

Handing Out Flyers

The bulk of the week was spent running to studios handing out info sheets about contract negotiations, and Wednesday's membership meeting. ...

Usually interest for membership meetings is not exactly through the roof. But every facility I went to, every cubicle I walked by, people wanted to talk about it and said they were coming. As I was walking out of a studio in Glendale, I got buttonholed about the health plan:

"There's health premiums coming in, right? We hear they're going to be up there." ...

I explained that the benefits package in the Basic Agreement calls for $0/month for single participants, $25/month for one dependent, $50/month for 2 or more dependents. I also said the deal under the Basic isn't necessarily the deal the Animation Guild ends up with, since we haven't come to an agreement yet.

We'll see how many people show up for next week's festivities.


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