Sunday, May 20, 2012

Springtime Steeple Chase in Foreign Lands

It seems that Diz Co. is having a fine time with its comic book acquisition:

Marvel’s The Avengers is now Disney’s biggest release ever thanks largely to foreign-generated box office accumulated over the last month including the latest weekend’s No. 1 overseas tally of $56 million drawn from 54 overseas territories. ...

Aardman's The Pirates still churns through foreign waters, but is far from being a chart buster. (It's till under $100 million globally.)

The next two big animation releases are Madagascar 3 (DWA) -- a couple of clicks down -- and Brave (Pixar) -- immediately below. I'm expecting that both will do well in international venues, since both are 3-D extravaganzas, and both stories take place in lands of castles and casinos.


Matthew said...

Every Time I see more and more of Brave via these weird little teaser movie segments, the less enthused I become about the film. I would think Pixar might be better to take a page from Apple & show/say absolutely nothing, causing mass hysteria, wild speculation & throngs of fans anxiously waiting on the edge of their seats for whatever gets hacked up the pipeline. You could call it fiscally conservative anti-marketing.

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