Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Josh and Chuck talk about Unions

Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant are the hosts of the How Stuff Works podcast Stuff You Should Know. A podcast from the Marshall Brain edutainment site that covers a wide range of topics in well researched broad strokes over 30-50 minutes.

I was a regular reader of the How Stuff Works webpage and when I delved into the world of podcasts, it was the first search I performed. In the latest release from Josh and Chuck, they delve into How Labor Unions Work (link to the podcast audio file).

As I mentioned, I find Josh and Chuck to be well read in the topics they cover and the podcast a great listen for those who want to learn some of the mechanics of unions, a little of the history of why unions exist and where we're at today.

I would recommend this podcast for all new members, all visual effects artists and anyone who is interested in beginning their research on unions.


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