Sunday, May 13, 2012

IATSE Focuses on Visual Effects

FXguide talks to rep Peter Marley about the challenges of organizing visual effects artists:

The IA announced their intention to organize visual effects artists in an open letter to the Visual Effects Society on November 11, 2010, but until now have refused all requests for interviews and did not even have a web site.

In this exclusive interview with fxguide Peter Marley, International Representative for the IA discusses why the IA feels the time is right for a Visual Effects Guild. We discuss portable benefits, pension, residuals, the process of organizing and take a look at efforts going on now to organize. ...

Digital visual effects is a huge and growing part of live-action features.

The old analog variety of viz effx -- models and mattes, film-on-film process shots, hanging miniatures -- was often used sparingly because of the clunky (and limited) technology. But the people who did that type of work were mostly unionized.

Not so today. Now that the sky's the limit, most everybody is working without benefit of collective bargaining agreement. And so the IA kicks up its efforts to provide visual effects employees with contractual rights and a seamless cloak of benefits.


Nathan said...

Glad to see a new option for VFX artists arrive at the table! Whether artists opt to join The Animation Guild or the Visual Effects Guild, I hope they make the effort to get organized.

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