Friday, May 04, 2012

Disney Afternoon

My work hours after lunch were whiled away inside the Hat Building on fabled Riverside Drive (The Burbank version, not the one in New York) ...

Work is going on with Frozen, with characters being modelled and production slowly ramping up. (One of the modelers showed me work in progress. The characters are going to have their own distinct looks.)

The annual caricature show was still up, and I dawdled over the drawings pinned up on over-sized storyboards on the second floor. A caricature of Walt Peregoy caught my eye; Walt was caricatured right down to the velocity of his rants (captured in pungent dialogue balloons on the drawing; captured in audio form here.)

There was also a witty depiction of David Stainton, referencing his quick exit from Paramount Animation a few months back. (Something to do with "karma.")

I had wondered why Mr. Stainton exited the Viacom company so quickly; a former animation exec cleared up the mystery* earlier this week:

Paramount hired David Stainton expecting him to make deals with different live-action directors. Like they did with Gore Verbinksi.

Only Stainton didn't know any live-action directors. When Paramount figured this out, they let him go.

And so a blossoming animation career (or should I say RE-blossoming?) was nipped in the bud.

* I assume here that my informant is correct.


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