Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At DreamWorks Animation

Today was a Lakeside walk through and the ever-popular 401(k) enrollment. And I ran across a crew member on The Croods who said:

"I thought the picture had some issues a year ago, but they've licked the problems and made things work. We're having a crew screening today at 4:30 so we'll see how it looks."

I observed that Chris Sanders is famous for making lots of tweaks along the way. Also that animated features usually get better as they go (The Black Cauldron being a notable exception.)

Another artist said he wished the picture made more money and cost less. I replied that when you have two big grossers in a year where you've only released two features, that ain't bad.

DWA's next big release is the third installment of Madagascar, this one set in Europe. The prognostication?

... The second quarter for Dreamworks will include the release of Madagascar 3 in the United States, and several other countries. Several analysts asked about the release schedule during the question and answer segment of the conference call. The big worry is that Dreamworks is delaying the release of Madagascar 3 in several European countries due to the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The movie will be released in England and Germany in the fourth quarter, which leads to worries of piracy. ...

Then, of course, comes The Guardians, still in work as we speak. Since it contains Santy Clause and other beloved figures, it's out during the holidays. And with luck, becomes another "tent pole."


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