Sunday, November 17, 2013

Animation's Overseas Box Office

The list is about as expected.

Foreign Weekend Grosses -- (Total Accumulations)

Gravity -- $18,500,000 -- ($514,855,614)

Free Birds -- $1,200,000 -- ($50,218,205)

Cloudy With ... Meatballs 2 -- $5,100,000 -- ($200,116,498)

Turbo -- $2,800,000 -- ($278,991,569)

Despicable Me 2 -- ???? -- ($916,040,000)

Planes -- ???? -- ($219,362,000 ...

Despicable Me 2 crossed the $550,000,000 marker in overseas earnings, with 60.1% of its $916 million gross coming from foreign venues. Sadly, I've found what it took in overseas this weekend nowhere on the internet. (Same with the Disney cartoon.)

Anybody that has them, feel free to put them up.


Dexter2999 said...

Why is GRAVITY on this list?

Steve Hulett said...

The director of "Gravity" has said this:

“We had to do the whole film as an animation first. We edited that animation, even with sound, just to make sure the timing worked with the sound effects and music. And once we were happy with it, we had to do the lighting in the animation as well. Then all that animation translated to actual camera moves and positions for the lighting and actors…We animated for two, maybe two and a half years before we started shooting the actors. Then we shot the film—and then the poor animators had to start from scratch because they had to base their final animations on what was shot. Someone suggested we just call Gravity animation, but I don’t think we can because there’s a fair amount of live action. And it was really hard work for the animators. After all, you learn how to draw based on two main elements: horizons and weight.”

So it follows that this movie is an animated feature, no?

What am I missing?

Dexter2999 said...

Just because a movie a has what amounts to extensive animatics and post effects...

I wouldn't call Mary Poppins an animated movie either.

You certainly won't see Gravity up for an Oscar in the Best Animated Feature category.

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