Thursday, November 28, 2013

Global VFX

Korea outsources to China:

South Korean visual effects group Dexter Studios has opened a production facility in Beijing in order to tap into the growing Chinese movie business.

Dexter says the Beijing outpost will allow it to “launch full-scale activities, obtain local VFX projects, and form partnerships for Chinese-Korean co-productions.”

Dexter was recently involved in the China-Korea co-production “Mr Go,” which used extensive motion capture effect to create a baseball playing gorilla, as well as Tsui Hark’s effects heavy fantasy “Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon,” which was structured as a China-Hong Kong co-production.

Korean VFX companies have often been favored by China’s film-makers as providing an optimal balance of quality that is better than local Chinese firms and price that is lower than the top U.S. or antipodean houses. ...

Exter goes to China for the same reason DreamWorks Animation goes to China.

1) There are lower wage rates.

2) There are lots of production opportunities.

3) There are opportunities to tap into a HUGE market.

It isn't always about state subsidies. Sometimes other enticements are equally (or even more) alluring.


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