Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Diane Disney Miller, RIP

A link to animation's past moves on.

Diane Disney Miller, daughter of Walt Disney and a philanthropist who bucked powers-that-be in Los Angeles to keep architect Frank Gehry on the job during a crucial phase of planning the city’s new concert hall, has died. She was 79.

Miller died Tuesday at her home in Napa, Calif., from complications of a fall in September, according to close family friend Richard Greene, who co-wrote a biography of her father. ...

Walt's oldest daughter was not a Disney who worked inside her father's business. But she married a man, Ron Miller, who was employed by Walt Disney Productions for decades and was for a time its chairman.

She leaves behind seven children and thirteen grand-children. Also one great-grand-daughter.


Dan Siciliano said...

Awwwww on one hand!! But on the other hand, she's with her father forever more.

As a son of a deacon I say:
"Bless you Diane and Walt."

Steve Hulett said...

I met her once at a wrap party, and talked to her briefly. She was gracious and soft-spoken. Seemed like a nice person to me.

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