Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shoring up Borders

BuzzFeed tells us:

Why Latinos Are Excited About "Bordertown," The New Seth MacFarlane Animated Series

The reason? FOX “did its research,” many say, after news that Lalo Alcaraz ... was added as a writer bringing the total to four Latino writers. ...

The inclusion of Alcaraz, a high-profile Mexican-American cartoonist and satirist, as a writer on the show, which features four Latinos in all out of about a dozen, has led many to be cautiously optimistic about the quality of humor on the show. ...

I have some hope here. Some funny, clear-headed humor about issues along the border would be a breath of fresh air. Anything that counters the meme "Mexicans are all vicious drug smugglers leaving bodies in the desert" is a good thing.

To demonize a people who will shortly have majorities in two of the largest states in the union is a longer-term recipe for chaos. If Bordertown can cut through this, then I say "Bravo!"


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