Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Animation Guild 2013 Election Results

There was spirited competition for Executive Board positions in the 2013 Animation Guild elections. The winning candidates, in order of electoral finish, were as follows:

Russell Calabrese
Dave Thomas
Nicole Dubuc
Bill Flores
Bronwen Barry
Bob Foster
Janette Hulett
Robert St. Pierre
Cathy Jones
Larry Smith
Gordon Kent

The Guild had a 22% return of ballots, with 2,779 votes cast. Our congratulations to the winners above, and condolences to the candidates who finished out of the running.


Unknown said...

Congratulations indeed! I hope next year will be a great year for the Animation Guild staff.

Grant said...

What, chuck zimbellas didn't take over? I bet he feels MIGHTY sad about now. WAH.

Congrats to all the new Executive Board.

Steven Kaplan said...

I think David Gemmil would have been an excellent Executive Board member, regardless of who he calls his friends. I hope to work with him on the matters he wanted to bring to the table.

Steven Kaplan said...

Gemmill .. apologies for the misspelling.

Chirs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chance Raspberry said...

Mondo Congratulations to all the new TAG Executive Board members, and to all those who ran for taking action and making an effort, and therefore, a difference! I would especially like to acknowledge and thank David Gemmill for fighting the good fight to bring up the much needed addressing of long-time issues within the industry. He had my vote (even though I'm on honorable withdrawal and did not receive a ballot.) Well done, David, and to everyone involved!

Lovelace-Dodoo said...

In my honest opinion, David Gemmill would have been a great addition to the board, but still, congrats to all the winning candidates!

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