Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Naked and Afraid" and On Strike!

The Motion Picture Editors Guild leads this charge:

Editors on Discovery Channel‘s Naked & Afraid walked off the show this morning seeking an IATSE contract. The Renegade 83 production is currently in post-production on a two-hour special scheduled to air in three weeks on December 8, leading Discovery’s weeklong “Discovery Unwrapped” holiday programming of premieres and specials.

I spent my morning hours supporting Local 700's effort to bring Renegade 83 under a union contract. At the time when their leverage reached its peak potency, the workers of Renegade 83 are now attempting to gain the best workplace conditions possible by forcing their employer to bargain with their union. I am glad to support their efforts to bring this production company under the same type of agreement a large bulk of "reality" programming has come to enjoy. Anyone interested in adding their support is welcome. Message me and I will share the details.

When I got to the picket line in the afternoon, people were tired and the days was getting cold. If you've never been on a picket line, I can tell you that they are tiring, they are boring, and they are often quite useful. How this one turns out, I do not know. But I know that they often offer surprises, sometimes pleasant ones.

If met my darling wife on a picket line.

-- Steve Hulett


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