Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Outing

Daniel comes out of the shadows.

The anonymous blogger behind the Vfx Soldier blog revealed his identity today to lead the visual effects protest outside DreamWorks Animation in conjunction with President Obama’s visit.

Daniel Lay, a visual effects professional who has worked at Sony Pictures Imageworks, DreamWorks Animation, Digital Domain and other visual effects companies, said he felt obliged to reveal his identity for two reasons. First, the movement he helped found to fight back against foreign tax incentives is becoming a formal organization, the Association of Digital Artists, Professionals and Technicians (ADAPT). Second, he said “people have been falsely accused of being Vfx Soldier and have been blacklisted, so this is the time for me to come out. That got my blood boiling.” ...

Steve Kaplan has known Mr. Lay's identity for a long while now. (Me too.)

He's a former active member of TAG, and a guy who cares about what happens to the industry to which he's devoted a lot of time and sweat and high energy.

Glad he revealed himself. This will prvent others from losing jobs because they were falsely accused by employers for being "Vfx Soldier."


Nathan said...

Soldier on, Daniel! Thanks for all your hard work!

Unknown said...

Wait. People were being fired after being accused of being VFX Soldier? Wow!

Gibberwocky said...

Not just fired. Fired and blacklisted, as in: "You'll never work in this industry again".

Fairly standard small-minded bullying tactics used by Hollywood throughout it's history. They never say it in any official, legal manner though: it's always "Well, we decided to pick someone else" or "Y'know, X doesn't really fit in here."

There was a time when movie stars were treated this way too. If that can change, so can this.

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