Sunday, November 10, 2013

Worldwide B.O.

The stats on animated movies around the globe:

Foreign Weekend Box Office -- (Worldwide Grosses)

Gravity -- $26,300,000 -- $472,319,492)

Free Birds -- $1,000,000 -- ($33,696,451)

Cloudy With ... Meatballs 2 -- $7,700,000 -- ($191,076,180)

Turbo -- $5,000,000 -- ($274,818,875)

Planes -- $3,300,000 -- ($219,117,000) ...

Turbo is edging closer to DWA's previous release Guardians, which took in $300 million in global earnings a year ago. DreamWorks Animation's next release is Mr. Peabody and Sherman (March) followed by How to Train Your Dragon II in June.

Diz Co. has Frozen in broad release the end of this month, then no major pictures until Big Hero Six unspools a year hence. The company will have a summer 2015 release with Planes II (in wide screen!), but I've no idea what corporate expectations might be. (I'm assuming it's being rushed out to sell toys, and not to bust box office charts.)

So DreamWorks Animation will have most of the 2014 release schedule to itself.


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