Monday, November 04, 2013

Creative Folks

This seemed to be apropos to the business(es) many of us now work in.

Asked a veep at one of our fine, entertainment conglomerates today what issues are coming up at contract talks between studios and the unions, he said:

"All kinds of things. Writers have their issues. The DGA is usually business oriented and has a stable organization and sits down and negotiates manager issues, since many of them are managers. The studios have issues like splintering markets and how do they make a profit ..."

Splintering markets.

Cousins to the morphing and splintering jobs that people in animation, visual effects and game industries deal with today. You better have fifteen skill-sets in your tool box. Because today you work on a commercial. Tomorrow you work on a feature. And two months from now you'll develop an app that will give you a cash flow (maybe) and a stake in the age of mobile devices (hopefully).

One year from now you will be packing up and moving to a different city, going where the jobs with their government bribes subsidies are located.


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