Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MAD Wraps

One hundred episodes makes for a long run.

... They said a regular, timely animated version of MAD Magazine couldn't be done, but 100 episodes later, series Head Writer/Producer Kevin Shinick and his team proved the naysayers, well... nay.

GREG: There have been numerous attempts to translate MAD Magazine to stage, records and TV, including some previous animated pilots. Why do you think you finally captured the flavor?

KEVIN: I really wanted this to be the TV version of the magazine. We really felt we had the stamp of approval by involving a lot of the MAD artists with the show, like Sergio Aragones and Tom Richman Richmond - who is the "Mort Drucker" of today. We use Don Martin's style too. Al Jaffe is still sharp as a tack at 98. We’ve got one of his "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" segments in the 100th show.

GREG: After 100 MAD episodes, how many times have you heard from the people you’ve made fun of on the show?

KEVIN: I gotta be honest. I was hoping to get a cease and desist letter from somebody so I could frame it in my office! Most times we get people saying, "I loved it when you parodied my show or when I saw myself on MAD!" ...

The show, after multiple years, is ending its run. Last time I went through the WB Animation building on the Warner Ranch, the crew was (sadly) getting ready to stand down. Most everybody enjoyed the show and wht they were doing, so it wasn't a happy time.


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