Sunday, November 24, 2013

Foreign Accumulations

Animation box office in lands beyond our shores:

Weekend Foreign Box Office - (Global Accumulations)

Gravity -- $46,600,000 -- ($577,002,604 )

Free Birds -- $575,000 -- ($57,893,865)

Cloudy with ... Meatballs -- $5,000,000 -- ($207,400,425) ...

Despicable Me 2, still in a few hundred theaters in the U.S. of A., collected $342,000 domestically over the weekend and has a worldwide accumulation of $916,474,000, 60% of that number coming from overseas.

Turbo, still performing in some world markets, has a global total of $280,137,161, 70.4% of which was made abroad.

Planes did slightly better domestically than Turbo but worse overseas. It's global box office stands at $219,428,634. 59% of the take happened in foreign countries.

Monsters University, second highest grossing animated feature of the year, ended up with a final box office tally of $743,401,131, 63.9% of it from foreign turnstiles.


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