Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sharing Found Money

To expand on the post a couple of clicks down.:

There is no contractual or legal requirement for Fox to share any of the monster payout that The Simpsons will be earning on FXX with the crew that has turned out the show since Bush Uno was in office.


Still in all, the artists who have worked tirelessly on the show for decades, who have boosted the Yellow Family into the record books, would probably consider a few bills peeled off a roll that will shortly be larger than a small, orbiting moon to be a fine and wonderful gesture.

There are precedents ...

In the 1990s, when Disney animated features were making tall stacks of money with its animated features, the Mouse saw fit to hand out extra checks to the artistic staff that created them.

Here in the 21st century, DreamWorks Animation provided bonuses to artists and tech directors on the long series of hits that came out of Glendale and Redwood City over the course of years.

And it's not like Fox hasn't done the bonus thing before out of its sweet and benevolent heart.

After the first Ice Age came out, the picture made so much money that Rupert and his minions gifted the people who made it with an extra check equalling a year's worth of salary. The movie, released in March 2002, made $383,257,136 at the world box office, considerably less (like half a billion less?) than Fox stands to make on 500+ Simpsons cartoons that have long-since paid for themselves.

If Fox-News Corp. thinks about it, I'm sure it will want to reward the staff who helped make this latest tranche of Found Money possible.


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