Friday, February 09, 2007

American Dog Next Disney Feature After Robinsons

We'll do a quick post about AD since the speculation of it being "moved back" came up in the comment section down below...

There's this from today's Bloomberg news:

Disney Animation's next movie will be "American Dog,'' Disney's creative chief for animation, John Lasseter, said at today's [investor] meeting [in Orlando, Florida].

The Bloomberg piece goes on to talk about the Disney Animation job cutbacks, to wit:

Disney said on Dec. 1 it planned to eliminate 160 jobs, or 20 percent of the staff, at Burbank-based Disney Animation. The cuts coincide with the unit's planned release of "Meet the Robinsons'' in March and a shift to an 18-month production cycle from one movie every 12 months...

No jobs were eliminated at Pixar, which maintains a separate campus in Emeryville, California.

"We are not merging the two animation studios together,'' Catmull said today. "That goes hand in hand with our principle that there is local ownership and people feel pride in what they are doing.''

So. Whatever the internet gossip is, Mr. Lasseter says that American Dog is the next Disney feature after Meet the Robinsons. And the two studios will remain separate entities. No big surprise there.


MrFun said...

So, what have you learned, Dorothy?

Anonymous said...

The world is everchanging and there's no place like home.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for clearing that up for me. Still kinda disappointed that Sanders is gone. Still, the film looks pretty quirky.

-Matthew D.

Anonymous said...

i am not surprised that they will keep the studios separate.

Anonymous said...

^is that seen by people in the industry as a good thing or a bad thing?
just curious.

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