Thursday, February 22, 2007

Larry E.'s Portfolio: Maureen Bushman

Maureen Bushman -- granddaughter of Francis X. -- started at Kinney-Wolf in 1971, moving on later that year to Hanna-Barbera and Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings feature.

Maureen Bushman

By the mid-1970s she was doing effects animation on Disney's Tron feature. By the time of Larry Eikleberry's portrait she was married to animator Rich Trueblood and was known as Maureen Trueblood.

In 1984 she returned to Filmation as a layout artist on the He-Man and She-Ra series. She spent a couple of years at Disney as a key assistant on Beauty and the Beast and The Prince And The Pauper, later moving to DreamWorks as a Key Assistant Animator.

She's done layout on Bakshi's Cool World; key assisted for Warners on Space Jam and the "Carrotblanca" short; and did character designs for MGM's Babes In Toyland and DIC's "Super Mario Brothers".


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