Saturday, February 24, 2007

B.O. Plenty

Another weekend, another two and a half days of box office....

Through Thursday, Ghost Rider scares up $58 million, while second-place Bridge to Terabitha collects $32,648,034. (How you gonna keep animation mucky-mucks in toonland when they're doing so well in live action?)

Update #1:The Friday chart is in, and Bridge falls to #4 (and a $3,530,000 take.)

Meanwhile, Ghost Rider rumbles along at #1 -- its second Friday in that position -- and a haul of $5,950,000.

Jim Carrey and The Number 23 holds down #2.

And the whackjobs of the Reno Sheriff's Department -- Reno 911: Miami -- cling to #3.

Update #2: Ghost Rider takes a 56.6% drop in the weekend totals but still hangs on to #1, gathering in $19,700,000 and a $78,660,000 cume.

Gabor's Bridge to Taribithia clasws its way back to #3 after a shaky Friday start. Bridge has the smallest percentage drop (39.8%) of any top-ten holdover, collecting $13,574,000. (Meanwhile, Jim Carrey and #23 takes the #2 position...along with $15.1 million.)

Night at the Museum has now dropped from the Top Ten, but has run its domestic total to $241,670,000. Not shabby.


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