Sunday, February 04, 2007

Larry E.'s Portfolio: Pete Alvarado

Pete Alvarado (1920-2003) grew up in Glendale and attended Hoover High School and Chouinard ...

Peter Alvarado

Pete's sixty-year career spanned every West Coast animation studio -- you'd have to work hard to find a shop he didn't work for -- and he did everything from animation to storyboards to comic books. As we often say, it's good to have many arrows in your quiver if you want to survive in animation, and Pete did.

At the time of this drawing by Larry Eikleberry, he was doing layouts at Filmation.

Pete received the Guild's Golden Award in 1997 and ASIFA's Winsor McCay Award in 2001. Here are reminiscences from John Cawley and Mark Evanier.


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