Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Larry E.'s Portfolio: Alberto De Mello

Layout artist and art director Alberto De Mello came to Filmation in 1968 after several years of work in Toronto.

Alberto De Mello

Alberto was another Filmation long-timer who worked there pretty steadily, for much of the last decade as a department supervisor, until the studio shut its doors in 1989. He went to Warner Bros. for the first season of "Tiny Toons Adventures," and did storyboards for Universal and Hanna-Barbera before retiring in 1998.


Fernando Ventura said...

Hi! Do you know if he's brazilian?

Anonymous said...

He is not Brazilian...(Hint) Not from this Continent, but he moved to Brazil and lost touch with him... :)

Jessica De Mello said...

You are both incorrect about his background...the anonymous is more wrong but he has some Brasillian background from his fathers side, as well as Chinese, Portugese and many more. I would like to say I came across this article and it made me smile, I would love to know where you got the picture from as well as I would love a copy.

My information is also from a good source, myself, I'm his neice, or as he would proclaim, his favorite neice (His only neice!)

Tio Alberto was my uncle and my favorite uncle at that. To this day I still miss him and wish more then anything he was still around to see how much we've grown.

He was beyond talented and I am beyond proud of him.

Admin said...

Hi Larry,

Do you know when Alberto de Mello passed away? Do you happen to know what was the cause of his death? I will greatly appreciate if you can share the details. My family and I just learned about this a few days ago and we are devastated. I look forward to hear from you.

Jessica Anthony said...


Alberto passed away from a massive stroke in October 2007. He lived in California and is now besides his mother, Anita in Calgary Alberta Canada.

- Jessica de Mello

Admin said...

Aloha Jessica,

I am just reading this message. I never received a notification from this blog. Words can not express how much we miss him. I would love to be in touch with you ! He used to visit us a lot in Ensenada and he used to stay with us for months at our house in Mexico. We remember anita with lots of love and I hope that we can at least connect and meet each other. I look forward to hear from you.

Sheri Weinhart said...

Hi Jessica, I'm glad you corrected Alberto's history. He grew up in China. His family fled to China to avoid some big political problems happening - I can't remember if it was in Argentina or Brazil. I worked with him for about 20 years. He was one of the kindest men I knew. I'm very sad to hear that he passed away. I have dozens of pictures of him but am reluctant to post my email here. If you'd like to visit my Facebook page (Sheri Weinhart) I can post some pics of Alberto for you.

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