Thursday, February 08, 2007

Larry E.'s Portfolio: Cliff Voorhees

Cliff V. first worked as an inbetweener on Disney's Lady and the Tramp, then went to Chouinard Art Institute for two years. He worked at a few west coast advertising agencies and for Geppy Vaccaro, doing comic strip work.

Cliff Voorhees

Mr. Voorhees was hired to draw the comic strip The Toodles and then became an associate art director at Westways Magazine. He moved back to animation as a layout artist at Filmation in 1969; Larry Eikleberry's portrait dates from just before he left there in 1977.

Cliff Voorhess at the 2005 Golden Awards

Cliff moved to Hanna-Barbera for five years and then to Marvel Productions where he worked on Muppet Babies. Cliff moved to Film Roman when it opened and did layout and design on the Garfield specials and then The Tom and Jerry Movie. At Nickelodeon he designed on the Angry Beavers series; then he moved to Cartoon Network and did key layouts on the series The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy until January of 2005, just a few months before he received the Animation Guild Golden Award.

Cliff has retired five times during the last ten years. He says he means it this time. (Me, I don't think he can make it stick. Studios keep offering him gigs, and he likes drawing too much.)

Photo by Moses Sparks, from the 2005 Golden Awards. The above bio was written by Bob Foster for the Golden Awards program.


chrisheadrick said...

Cliff Voorhees--like Jim Fletcher--has some stories about Old Hollywood, having grown up down the street from Debbie Reynolds and gone to high school with Russ Tamblyn and others....

If you see Cliff, ask him to show you his album of photos of himself when he was a young buck in San Francisco......the San Francisco of "If You're Goiiiiiiiiiing to Sannnnn Fraaaaancisco" times... favorite shots are of him sporting a dark-brown blazer, a beatnik turtleneck, Coffee-House-Communist-sideburns, and a giant, metal Egyptian ankh medallion around his neck.

Steve Hulett said...

He's kept the sideburns...

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