Saturday, February 03, 2007

B.O. On the Weekend

Don't check your armpits, focus on theatrical grosses. Because that's what we're talking about here, and we have new players at the top of the list...

The Friday report has horror flick The Messengers at #1, Because I said So at #2, and last week's topper Epic Movie in the third position.

The perpetually red hot Night at the Museum stands at #5 ($220.3 million domestic total, while Pan's Labyrinth clings to the seventh spot and $19,188,000 in cash money.

(In case you missed it, Museum is feeling the wrath of British film exhibitors. It seems that theatre owners in the U.K. are cheesed off that Fox will be putting the hit film onto DVD after only thirteen weeks of theatrical release, and so have pulled the film from distribution -- and it's still raking in the pound notes.)

Update: With the super bowl sucking most of the oxygen out of the weekend box office, The Messengers tepid $14.5 million gross was enough to place it at #1.

Night at the Museum (#4) dropped just 29.4%; its total now stands at $225,365,000.

Pan's Labyrinth dropped a mere 23.3% to remain at #8. Its current total: $21.7 million.

Happy Feet is almost but not quite gone, bringing in half a million for $192.672,000.

Happily N'Ever After now pushes up posies at 423 theaters and a cume of $14.8 million.


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