Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3-D Impermanence?

The Nikkster tells us:

Jeffrey Katzenberg -- the leading cheerleader for 3D -- says that "the bloom is off the rose" for the technology for a while "driven by a singular and unique characteristic that only exists in Hollywood, greed." ...

Here's the problem: People will go to see certain 3-D movies that they're interested in ... but not if they cost an extra three or five or seven bucks.

It's kind of like the recording industry a decade ago. Those folks couldn't go on demanding premium prices when there were alternatives. Nobody was going to pay sixteen or eighteen bucks for a little silver disk when they could download the songs for way less. Same with the 3-D now. When the product that movie studios are pushing gives audiences headaches and dim, barely watchable images and are bad movies into the bargain, the game is kind of over.

3-D is like sound movies back in 1928: Then, people would go and sit through anything for the joy of hearing actors talk ... for about two years. Then they started getting picky, and started avoiding the crappy stuff that all-of-a-sudden had the allure of a five-day-old turd.

So here we are in glorious 2011, and the issue isn't sound anymore but stereo viewing. And it's not enough that the screen images are in Moving View-Master (c). They must also be good, and price competitive.


Floyd Norman said...

Hear! Hear!

Sometimes the stuff is good and sometimes it's not. In any case, it's not worth the extra money. 3D is dead...again.

Anonymous said...

Wait... so people wont pay for what they don't want to see? crazy talk.

I'll pay extra for 3D if I think it'll be well done. Most the DW stuff is great, loved Avatar.

3D is far from dead, but what is gone is the particular circumstance where a turd in 3D still pulled in the premium (ala 'clash of the titans')

Anonymous said...

"I tells you that this drawing pictures on cave walls stuff will never catch on - people dont wanna leave the comfort of the campfire to go all the way into some damp cave to see some new fangled "drawings" on a wall. It's dead! Dead, I tells you!"

~Floyd Neolithic-man

Anonymous said...

"I tells you that this radio stuff will never catch on - people dont wanna put down a book to listen to some yahoo prattle on about nonsense on a talking box. They wont pay for the thing when they can get books at the library for free! It's dead! Dead, I tells you!"

Floyd Norman - circa: 1903

Anonymous said...

"I tells you that this talking movie stuff will never catch on - people dont wanna hear movie stars talk. It kills the romance! People dont wanna hear it talking over a nice pipe organ! It's dead! Dead, I tells you!"

Floyd Norman - circa: The Jazz Singer

Anonymous said...

Hey Floyd,

Dont stand for that treatment - you tell those kids to turn down that racket they call music and to get the Hell off of your lawn!

Member #15
"I (heart) Floyd" Fan Club, Burbank Home for Aged Animators Chapter.

Anonymous said...

Floydisms across non-animation related fields:

"I tells you that this toilet paper stuff will never catch on - people are not gonna pay to wipe their asses with paper they have to buy when they get the Sear's catalog for free. Toilet paper is a fool's errand! It's dead! Dead, I tells you!"

"I tells you that this bottled water stuff will never catch on - people are not gonna pay to buy a bottle of water when they can drink from the tap for free. Bottled water is a fool's errand! It's dead! Dead, I tells you!"

"I tells you that this air travel will never catch on - people are not gonna pay to fly on a plane IN THE SKY when they can ride in a train ON THE GROUND. Air travel is a fool's errand! It's dead! Dead, I tells you!"

Floyd, to quote another senior citizen, Mick Jagger, "What a drag it is getting old"

Anonymous said...

When did punk ass know-nothing kids become such bitter assholes?

Anonymous said...

Floydism: adj/(floid-izm)- A: a nostalgic longing for the way things used to be back when Walt was alive. B: Useless, but at times entertaining, prattle about the Golden Era of Disney animation.

See also: frankinollyism, kimballism, chuckjonesiousity and nineoldmenishness

Anonymous said...

It is not "assholish" to say that something is not dead when films are in production using that methodology.

It is "assholish" to say that it is.

Floyd is a respected senior member of the animation community - but is not the Proclaimer of All Truths.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you guys (or is it just one person?) are piling on insults and I'm supposed to think that FLOYD is the idiot?

Anonymous said...

Floyd is not an idiot - he's just confused his opinion with fact. A sin we are all guilty of doing. So, 3D is not his cuppa, that's fine - Floyd don't go. It gives me a headache too. To proclaim it dead because it is not to his liking (or mine) is wrong-headed.

Yes, the smart ass(es) are having their day and the Floyd's expense. That is part and parcel of this blog. Katz and Lass have been lampooned ofetn enough, so Floyd is in good company and I am sure is suffering these fools well.

Everyone is sooooo touchy these days.

Anonymous said...

The 3D scam died several films ago and only a few of the bloated budgeted, no story, explosion only films, are still milking what little is left in a fools wallet.

Steve Hulett said...

I stopped going to 3-D features after "Toy Story 3" wherein my 19-year-old said:

"Tell me again why we're watching this in 3-D?"

I had no answer. And, although I think DWA's dimensional output is high quality, I prefere the flat versions.

So I go see the flat versions. Seems like a simple solution. And for everybody else, they can have fun with the big, plastic glasses.

Anonymous said...

Tellya what let's do - let's bookmark this discussion and come back in a year, and see if 3D is still as viable as it is today, if it's improved, or if it is indeed dead. Then, let's see if whoever turns out to be wrong has the stones to admit it. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

3D (as in stereoscopic) has a decent place--it just doesn't have a widespread, all-purpose place.

There is only ONE type of movie for which 3D is at all potentially worthwhile: giant, epic popcorn movies that deal with spacial-visual excitement (aerial battles, outer-space adventures, etc.).

Your average movie, animated or live-action, will not be improved at all by 3D. I think 3D simply does not have a wide enough benefit for it to remain viable, and almost no one will be interested in shelling out extra money for it except in very rare, narrow circumstances.

Anonymous said...

"Wow - you guys (or is it just one person?) are piling on insults..."

Yeah, it's just one person. Troll.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if 3D is dead or not. The push major cinema houses quicker into digital projection is the real goal, and they succeeded. The real death will be the small to mid size distributor who can't afford real marketing expenses.

Still, it will be interesting to see how Beauty and the Beast does in 3D.

Anonymous said...

I imagine Floyd loses a ton of sleep, thinking about what that one guy posted in seventeen different anonymous comments.

I have not seen any of the new 3D films because one, I am cheap, and two, the effect always looks blurry to me, and dark. It's just a gimmick and it'll always be around in some regard, like IMAX, but like IMAX it will never be more than a way for studios to make a few extra bucks.

Anonymous said...

"Floyd is not an idiot - he's just confused his opinion with fact. "

I don't ever remember Floyd proclaiming his opinions to be fact. There are a lot of opinions on these blog comments so why should Floyd curb his own? Sounds like you are the touchy one.

Anonymous said...

3D SUCKS BALLS. Paid 18 dollars a ticket to see Cars2 in 3D? I'm an idiot.

Anonymous said...

All I got from most of the commentators was "BLAH-BLAH! Shut your mouth, old man!"

Anyway back on topic, I kind of hate 3D. It's just a way for studios to make money without having to fill many seats.

Anonymous said...

Sound pictures got consistently betterafter their introduction, so they survived the competition from radio and the the economic depression.

There isn't much room for improvement of 3D. the current technology, when it's presented right it works great, is about as good as it is going to get.

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