Monday, July 25, 2011

A Talk With Tad Stones -- Part I

Tad Stones has worked in almost all parts of the animation business for over three decades. Theatrical features, direct-to-video features, syndicated series, network prime time series, even Disney World EPCOT exhibits. Tad has been there and created that. ...

TAG Interview with Tad Stones

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In the 1970s, Mr. Stones began his career as an animation trainee at Walt Disney Feature Animation, then moved into the Disney story department. And after that, he became part of the team that developed rides and exhibits and Disney World's EPCT.

In Part One of this TAG podcast interview, Tad details the Disney Company as it existed for an ambitious young guy (seen above) in the 1970s ...


Sharon Forward said...

Tad was amazing to work for. He was a force of nature--and I learned to appreciate him more and more over the years at TVA.

The shows were fun, and we (he) created great memories for a generation of kids, mine included. So thank you, Tad, for your talent and leadership during those years. May you have even more success in your coming projects!

p.s. How many people know what a great artist you are? Your scribbles on our boards were classic!

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