Thursday, July 07, 2011

Glenn Vilppu show opens tomorrow at Gallery 839

Artist and teacher GLENN VILPPU's show at Gallery 839 starts tomorrow night.

Glenn has taught drawing for forty-five years, twenty-eight of which were spent at the American Animation Institute, TAG's educational curriculum. He has also taught at virtually every art school in southern California and scores of schools across the country.

He also worked in layout and storyboard for Disney, Warner Bros., Sunbow, Rhythm and Hues, Marvel, Project X, Phil Mendez, Hanna-Barbera and Turner Feature Animation.

In over 45 years of teaching drawing my focus has been to bring to the student logic and practical application of drawing in communication. Drawing is thinking and feeling and the needs of the artist today to communicate are no different than they have been down through the ages. All artists have the same problems that they must deal with the differences are in their interests and the order of importance they give to various elements. I do not teach a style, I teach tools of communication and give direction to acquiring knowledge. Knowledge coupled with the development of skill and feeling is what creates the magic. There are no Rules, just tools.

-- Glenn Vilppu


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