Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Wage survey deadline extended to July 22

To make sure everyone gets a chance to return their wage survey questionnaires, we're extending the deadline two weeks to July 22.

The rate of returns has slowed down in the last week, and we're still looking to see if we can beat last year's return percentage.

One piece of good news is that we've received more questionnaires by e-mail and fax than ever before. If you haven't yet returned the survey, or didn't receive one or or have misplaced it, you can:

  1. Contact me by e-mail and ask to have the survey and the postpaid return envelope mailed to you, or
  2. Download the form and mail, fax or e-mail it back to the attention of Jeff Massie. We will take the form and mix it with the ones we’ve received to guarantee your anonymity.

The wage survey results will be posted here, on the e-mail list and website, and in the August Peg-Board. You owe it to yourself and your fellow writers, artists and technicians to return the survey and help spread the word about salary conditions in our industry.


Anonymous said...

It looks to me like all the members are just as lame about submitting this, as they are about standing up for their own rights as artists and technicians.
I guess they'll just go on suffering as a whole, like they have been for years and years.
It looks like those producers have beaten them down pretty good.
That's what makes this union one of the weakest, if not the weakest ones out there.
Poor devils................

Anonymous said...

@Anon #1 -- at least the animators have a union. At least they get three pensions and health insurance.

VFX artists, not so much.

Anonymous said...

VFX artists (not animators) working at Disney are covered by 839.

The VFX artists who were at ImageMovers Digital were covered by 839.

Imageworks and ILM VFX artists (including animators) definitely had their chance to be covered by 839.

The option is very much there for VFX artists who want to be covered by 839.

Anonymous said...

Must me lack of education on why these surveys help the whole. I am not in an union shop, but have friends in a couple of them. Most of them say the survey is "silly" and just toss it aside.

Then I remind them of all the benefits the union gives them (with limited knowledge), but it often sounds like I know more about it than they do.

Makes me sad I'm not part of it. :P

Anonymous said...

Must be*

Sorry bout the typo.

Anonymous said...

Almost none of my union co-workers have any idea what the union benefits actually are.

Anonymous said...

Surveys help inform you about what the going rate is across a broader spectrum of folks.. It was most useful to me when I got past the stage where you are just happy to draw or rig for a paycheck and wanted to earn a decent wage or the "going rate".
Dont be ignorant , spend a little time to learn about the union , attend a meeting , read the mailings and ask questions.
And when your union gig wraps and you are at that cool hip non-union place tell your new co-workers about the benefits of employer paid health care plans , pensions benefits, paid days off etc.

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