Friday, July 01, 2011

Glenn Vilppu at Gallery 839, starts July 8

Paraphrasing Vasari, the first art historian, in discussing which was better, painting or sculpture: “They are both the daughters of drawing”. Drawing is the primary form of expression and over the years it has become my creative voice. Though I still paint, drawing has become my real media of choice, personally and in teaching.

-- Glenn Vilppu

GLENN VILPPU at Gallery 839

Opens Friday, July 8, 7-10 pm
Viewings on July 15 - 22 - 29, 11 am-2 pm

1105 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank * * (661) 269-1736


Steve Hulett said...

Glen is one of my heroes.

Talented artist, AND refused to do free overtime at Warner Bros. Animation in 1990.

He was in the layout department then. Production manager was running around, yelling about "having to ship tomorrow!", muscling layout artists on "Tiny Toons" to take a bullet for good old WBA, stay late, and work without additional compensation.

Most of the layout artists say "Okay." Glen, when asked if he can do the work, says:

"Sure. You're paying o.t., right?"

Long pause. the P.M. finally mutters, "Uh, no." Glen gives him a big smile and says:

"Oh, sorry then. Can't do it."

Lightning didn't strike Mr. V., the ground didn't open up and swallow him, he wasn't summarily fired. And he went happily on at WB Animation. And here he is, twenty-one years later, opening at show at Gallery 839.


Anonymous said...

These kids and their art shows!

Best life drawing class I ever took was with Glen. He's a modern master.

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