Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"Snow White's" 1938 ad campaign (part of it, anyway ...)

New York Magazine's Reassessment of "The Little Mermaid" (wherein the author is wrong about multiple facts and issues. And also "Mermaid.")

Paramount moves Bird's "Mission Impossible" (even though it's the "best MI yet"?)

Different animated platforms keep running together: (Such as the animated featurette for the "Assassins Creed" video game.)

Story director Mark Kennedy examines the formation and justification of a villain (as he recounts the development of Mother Gothel in "Tangled.")

And Warner Bros. rolls out another teaser for the second installment of its animated penguins.

Enjoy the balance of your week.


Anonymous said...

The Snow White article was great! I'd love to see more. After the big success with Three Little Pigs and it's 3 sequels, Walt knew how to leverage his ancillary license department to ensure a high profile for his first feature. Walt heeded his good friends Sam Goldwyn and and Charlie Chaplin's advice: Make it great, and own it all.

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