Friday, November 02, 2007

At the Frank G. Wells (Building, That Is ... )

I've been to studios at close to my usual weekly rate (4-5) this week, but truth to tell, there hasn't been a hell of a lot to report. Today I went to Disney TVA at the Frank G. Wells Building, and there still isn't much to report.

But I'll throw out a few things anyway.

* The second floor of the FGW is stripped down to the concrete as they reconfigure, re-cover and redecorate the space.

* The questions about the Writers Guild strike -- now set to begin at 9:01 Pacific Time (12:01 eastern) -- continue unabated. The big one ("How will this impact us?") I answer with:

"Except for the Fox shows, not very much. But if the WGA strikes for a long time, then it could force various producers to increase the amount of animation they're producing ... because the live-action reservoir will dry up and they'll have to replace those programs with something. And how many reality shows can they do?"

* There's grousing about the tight schedules, the rush rush rush, the uncompensated overtime.

And of course the last couple of days I've gotten a spate of phone calls about the Writers Guild and its job action, been asked to confirm rumors (of which I'm almost totally ignorant), and other fun things. It's now 5:05 and time for me to pack up. Do your best to have a relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...


What will DisneyToons be making once the Fairies stuff is done? I mean, I know they're no longer gonna make the cheapquels so...

What are they gonna animate? Also, will they be doing any of their future projects in 2-D animation? I love hand drawn animation, I wish the Tink movie would have stayed traditionally animated.

Steve Hulett said...

I wish the Tink movie would have stayed traditionally animated ... will they be doing any of their future projects in 2-D animation?

I suspect they will ... IF The Princess and the Frog do well. If not, then plan on lots more CG features.

Anonymous said...

… and what’s happening with ’Princess & The Frog’?
Is it for sure it’s going to be cleaned up in 2D??
- Outsourced??

Steve Hulett said...

P and F is moving along.

Outsourced? Possibly. It's not like I'm on the Disney e-mail list, so I'm not always the first one to know.

Anonymous said...








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