Monday, November 12, 2007

The OTHER Strike

As was mentioned in comments down the way, there's another strike going on just now.

The IATSE is on strike in New York. So there's two sets of picketers in the Big Apple right now. The stagehands on Broadway. The writers in and around 30 Rockefeller Plaza ...

Broadway stagehands are set to begin a strike on Saturday, darkening the majority of Rialto productions.

Timing of work stoppage has been ordered by the international president of IATSE, Thomas C. Short, who granted strike authorization to Broadway stagehands' union Local One after sitting in on contentious labor talks with Rialto producers Wednesday and Thursday.

... Without stagehands, more than 25 productions will not perform ...

Be interesting to see how these dual strikes go. And which one gets settled first, and on what terms.


Anonymous said...

As far as the stagehand strike goes, I think both sides need to pull their heads in. They've both become greedy, and excuse me for sounding rude, but I find a lot of stagehands involved in this strike are unjustifiably playing the 'poor me' card on Broadway message boards, while making the producers out to be evil money hungry lords of power. I can certainly see both sides of this, but Local One members are going out of their way to exaggerate employment and living circumstances now. It really is unfortunate, because not only the tourists (some of which have invested thousands of dollars into getting to New York just to see a particular show, only to find out it's closed) miss out, but also the talented performers who usually grace the stages every night, and have had to fight for years to get a job on Broadway are left jobless, many of whom earn much, much, much less than the stagehands themselves. Because of this, there will likely be some who will find themselves without a job at all after the strike is over. Local businesses such as restuarants and taxi services are also being largely affected because they rely on the business that Broadway tourism generates. It really is a sad state of affairs, I just hope that this can be fairly resolved soon, so as not to further hurt any parties involved. As it is, Broadway will be hurt now for quite some time.

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