Friday, November 09, 2007

The Crew on King of the Hill ...

... is in a somewhat different position than artists on the other Fox shows.

Yes, the writing is WGA like Family Guy, American Dad, et al, but ...

Artists, timers, revisionists and the rest report that show management tells them all the KOTH episodes are written, and that every script will move from animatics to color to final post without further revision. Any changes will happen in editorial.

This means that artists will be working on King of the Hill into early next year, cycling off at their normal hiatus time.

What happens beyond that, of course, is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, on The Simpsons, a crew member told me today that all the shows for the current season -- except for the last -- have been recorded.

And work continues.

How much longer work continues is maybe known by Fox and Gracie Films management, but the Simpson artists I talked to are in the dark. People keep asking me the same question: How long will the strike be?

I tell them I have no effing idea. And everybody keeps slogging along ...

... waiting.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Perhaps they think you have a crystal ball?

Anonymous said...

most animations studios have more than a few artists whom are independent creators outside of their studio jobs and can write just as well, if not better than the jaded, tunnel visioned writers from the WGA.

the majority of WGA writers working in animation are hacks. after years of hearing most of them freely admit that they would love to be writing for films or other projects over animation, excuse me if i'm not ready to heap respect upon them. as a visual artist and creator i've had to continually correct edit these jughead's "scripts".

one of the few places where John K. is absolutely correct in his convictions is his opinions on animation 'writers'. with few exceptions, they simply don't undertsand the artform.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the perfect time for these underground writers/animators to step TV shows like The Simpsons can be funny again

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve--
One minor correction to your report--
My understanding is that any dialog revisions on KOTH will be flagged and addressed in post after the strike is resolved. Otherwise, non-dialog revisions, be they purely visual,or editorial,will be addressed within the normal pipeline.
As a crusty animation vet not easily impressed,I must comment also, that this is one of the most smoothly and efficiently run shows I've ever had the privilege to work on. Everyone involved is really good at what they do, and I feel very lucky to be a part of such an inspiring crew.
Of course,as you said,as the remaining episodes are completed, we'll all be laid off at some point within next few months as we hang tight to see what happens with this strike... Hopefully, it will not last nearly as long as the last one back in '88, and that everyone effected industry wide will be back to work in reasonably due course.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it's much more likely that the WGA strike will last into the summer.

Anonymous said...

Can't argue that, I'm afraid.
The mere fact that the AMPTP didn't budge a centimeter when the DVD bump-up proposal was withdrawn by the writers last weekend does not bode well..
But one can still hope they'll find a solution before too terribly long.
There should be a lot more continued pressure from the mayor and the guv for talks to resume.
One would think a projected billion in lost revenue(double what was lost in '88) might be an incentive.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Lindelof has considered the money that the grips, etc will never make back due to the strike while they worry about their future 'mailbox' money.

khushi said...

one of the few places where John K. is absolutely correct in his convictions is his opinions on animation 'writers'. with few exceptions, they simply don't understand the platform.King of the Hill is an American animated series created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

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