Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back at Family Guy and American Dad

I spent a chunk of the morning at the Wilshire Boulevard headquarters of the Seth McFarlane shows....

Happily, nobody's been laid off.

More happily, the angry tension that I could have cut with a well-honed blade a week or so ago has now at least partially dissipated.

There are even hopes that the showrunners will be back after the WGA sits back down with the producers on Monday next and rekindles negotiations.

How realistic it is that there will be a new WGA-AMPTP agreement within the next fortnight I have no way of knowing, but at least a few hearts are higher. As one artist remarked:

"Hey, every day that we work is kind of a gift, you know? Management is giving us some updates, so we kind of have an idea of what's going on. Which is nice. And like, the deadlines have been loosened up because nobody has iron-clad schedules with the writers and show-runners out. So we just take it moment to moment..."

Me, I'm hoping for the best. What's the harm?


Anonymous said...

I still feel that we should use these times to figure out a way to gain respect as a strong union.
Doesn't seem to be happening as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Once again our union is let off the hook. No need to be proactive. OUr little jobs may be saved. Oh goodie! We seem to be making it through the WGA's battle unharmed huh? What about our iussues?
How about pay increases? Overtime hours paid? Come on you guys! Speak up!

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