Monday, November 26, 2007

Could the strikes soon be over?

That's the gist of two posts in the last twenty-four hours by Nikki Finke, LA Weekly entertainment business reporter, whose Deadline Hollywood Daily blog has become one of the most trusted news sources for information on the strikes by Hollywood writers and Broadway stagehands.

Finke quotes a "trusted insider" as saying that the groundwork for a settlement of the writers' strike was set by agents who have been working on both sides. Although she cautions against false hopes, her source thinks a settlement could be in place by Christmas.

And she quotes WCBS-TV in New York as saying that the Broadway theater owners are close to a deal with IATSE Local 1, to end a strike that has shut down twenty-seven shows since November 10.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, DHD started releasing "Speechless," a series of sometimes amusing short videos by various A-list actors and directors in support of the striking writers.


David Germain said...

her source thinks a settlement could be in place by Christmas.

So then I guess we can all hope for the best Christmas present of all: more episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Jeff Massie said...

The latest from Ms. Finke: "Reasonableness ruled the day" on the first day of talks...

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