Monday, November 05, 2007

Day One of the Writers Guild Strike

As per usual, I was out at studios today.

In the late afternoon, I went by Disney where WGA pickets were out in force...

WGA pickets at Disney 3

This is Disney's Alameda gate, about thirty feet from where I met my future wife on the first day of a lengthy TAG strike a quarter century ago ...

How time flies. How things don't change very much. Us animation types were looking for a fair and better deal then, the writers are looking for a fair and better deal now. WGA pickets at Disney 1

Another shot of the Alameda gate -- a picketer and friend. I wish for the Writers Guild more success than Local 839 found in 1982 ...

WGA pickers at Disney 2

And here is Disney's Riverside gate (the "Zorro" parking structure in the far-left background.) I walked through the main lot to get down to Riverside Drive, and on the various sound stages, production seemed to be humming along and trucks were getting loaded. So if the picketers were having an impact, it might have come earlier in the day.


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