Friday, November 09, 2007


Imagi's growing.

I zipped over to the Sherman Oaks Galleria Friday morning and discovered lots of changes. Artists have moved out of one of the long, dark rooms. They're painting and carpeting a new, larger space with lots more windows. Many virgin cubicles are in evidence...

I ran across some new Imagi recruits, CG artists that I'd last spied some months ago at two large animation studios in the east valley. One of them had less than totally upbeat things to say about his former employer. (From my experience, this often happens when an employee is shown the door after years of faithful service. "Bent-Out-Of-Shape, party of one ...").

It looks like Imagi is gearing up to hire more CG visual development artists and possibly a few additional board artists as it continues work on Gatchaman, Astro Boy and whatever else rolls down the development pike. The Mother Studio in Hong Kong needs to be fed.


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