Friday, November 16, 2007

John Edwards and the WGA

Presidential candidate John Edwards showed up at the WGA picket in front of NBC this afternoon...

A large group of strikers crowded the sidewalk, listening to Edwards give a short speech through a bullhorn. Everyone was pretty pumped up. In addition to speechifying, Edwards worked the crowd, and talked to the milling press.

Yeah, I know the visit was a photo op, but it was still great of Edwards to show up and voice support. Local news covered it, complete with semi-snark:

"Striking writers, not only got a visit from a top Democratic Presidential candidate, they got a big morale boost from John Edwards. The former senator joined them on the picket line ... Edwards, a multi-millionaire lawyer, is a vocal supporter of unions.

-- John North on KABC

All photos -- Janette Hulett


Anonymous said...

Edwards, a multi-millionaire lawyer, is a vocal supporter of unions...

Contrasted to "Bush, rancher and man of the people" ...

omelas said...

No bias in that description of course. Not "son of a mill-worker and consumer-rights lawyer."

Good of Edwards though, to show what Presidential means.

Anonymous said...

Contrasted to "Bush, rancher and man of the people" ...
Pardon me while I barf!
Bush bought the acreage in 1999, he's a silver spoon in his mouth man of the coporations!
Edwards on the other hand earned his money fighting corporations for the good of the people. Like the little girl who had her insides sucked out by a faulty pool pump. Go check his record out for yourself, his fight has been for the average person against neglient coporations.
supporter of unions like ours, Bush is against unions. He had homeland security ban unions.
Edwards is our best hope,You don't see Bush on the picket lines do you, or even words of support.
Have you checked your union job prospects lately?

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