Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tense Artists at Starz Media

I spent the later morning at Starz Media, walking between the cubicles of Simpsons artists busy at their work.

Most are now working on shows from the middle-part of the new season. You know. Episode 16. Episode 18. Like that.

Trouble is, the artists can take their current episode through the first-pass of the show's animatic (that's a digital storyreel, for those non-versed in 'toon speak) ... and then, it's finito.

In normal times, the series' writers would, after that initial go-through, rewrite the half-hour of comedy, polishing gags and dialogue until they sparkled like new Susan Anthony dollars. And the artists would be busy with the visual revisions. But of course that won't be happening, because the writers are out on various sidewalks with picket signs, and no rewrites will be getting done.

"Things are kind of tense around here, wondering what the writers will do" ... "Well, there's not much we can do about the strike, so I try to chill on the whole subject" ... "I think we're good to go until mid-December, but after that who knows? We'll be taking an early and longer hiatus."

I didn't add anything very useful to the conversation, since I know about as much as the artists do. Next to nothing.

Some designers and boarders cling to the hope that Simpson higher ups will go with the episodes as currently written. That way they can finish them and work a while longer, maybe into the new year.

For their sakes, I hope that too. I can think of happier things than getting laid off two weeks before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

man i would love it if they just made the episodes as-is before the writers get their usual chance to overly-revise the show. i would be willing to bet the episodes will be a thousand times better than they would have.

Anonymous said...

Losing the current writers for 'The Simpsons' is probably the best thing that could happened to the show.

Anonymous said...

Story is everything. We need good writers. I've never seen a poorly written good movie or good tv show.

I don't think these shows going on the air without re-writes will be as good.

If you don't have a good script and story, you have nothing. The audience looses interest.

Anonymous said...

I'm SURPRISED that no meeting was held that addressed how the strike will affect simpsons and KOTH production at Starz Media....they ( whoever's in charge at Starz ) can at least have the DECENCY to send a memo, telling the artists about what lies ahead for them...It was nice that they held a meeting @ FOX animation....why didnt they do the same at Starz?

Steve Hulett said...

Different company, different management.

And "King of the Hill" supes did hold a meeting.

Anonymous said...

maybe you all should get in touch with the crew on Family Guy and talk about what the artists ought to do to take a little more control of the situation...

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