Sunday, November 04, 2007

Barrons Give Bee Movie a Thumbs UP

I've heard a variety reports on the Bee Movie, but I'll tell you where my head is at: animation's overall health is the most important thing, so this makes me happy:

Banc of America analyst Michael Savner told Barron's he expects the DreamWorks film to gross $175 million overall in the United States.

"If 'Bee Movie' hits our forecast, DreamWorks should realize nearly $310 million in net revenue and $130 million in gross profits over the film's life,"

Good opening numbers and big grosses trigger more employment and good wages. I remember the early nineties -- when every corner of animation was roaring -- with pleasure.

And I recall the late nineties and the turn of the century -- when pictures were failing and layoff slips were flying around studios like confetti -- with dread. So viva Seinfeld, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the entire crew of Bee Movie. May it earn $310 million and then some. It helps the business big time.


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