Thursday, November 22, 2007

Box Office Holiday Bonanza

The Mouse House is expecting big things from Enchanted, otherwise they wouldn't be putting it into 3,730 theatres for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Disney knows it's got a winner, and so why not swing for all the fences? It bops up the entire Disney/animation franchise:

... The movie references many Disney movies in obvious and subtle ways ... "I have a lifetime of references running through my head," [director Kevin] Lima said. "Fomr the time I was 5 years old and I saw Jungle Book, and my mom swears by this story, I turned to her and said, 'Mom, I'm going to be a Disney animator when I grow up ...'"

So we'll see what numbers this big new hybrid musical stirs up over the next four days.

Update 1: The holiday frame begins and Enchanted is off to a whiz-bang start with $8,150,000 in the till on Wednesday.

Bee Movie, the other animated film in the Top Ten, finds itself at #5 with $2,190,000. (And it's now within pollinating distance of $100 million.)

Update 2: Enchanted still rules the roost on Thursday (the day most people are away from the local AMC and fighting with family members over who has to sit at the kids' table, and who gets to inhale turkey and stuffing with the adults).

The Disney flick takes in another $6.8 million ...

Third place Beowulf crosses the $40 million marker (and my apologies for excluding it above) ...

While Bee Movie flies along in 9th place, taking a hit from the Disney entry but still crossing the $100 million marker.

Update 3: Enchanted works its magic for Friday, gathering $14.4 million for a $29.3 million total ( with two days to go).

Beowulf, hanging tough in the #3 position, takes in $6.5 million for a cume to $46.6 million.

And Bee Movie glides along in sixth place, with $3,760,000 and a $110, 177,000 total in the U.S. of A. and Canada.

Update 4: Late for the finals, but I was away yesterday. It appears the animated contingent did quite well over the holiday span:

Enchanted collected $49 million ...

Beowulf made $23.5 million (total: $56,633,821) ...

And Bee Movie gathered $15.8 million (total: $111,894,148).


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