Saturday, November 03, 2007

Box Office in Early November

Friday's preliminary results are in, and Jerry Seinfeld (in insect garb) chases Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe for the top spot...

DreamWorks Animation's Bee Movie grossed $10.2 million on the final day of the workweek, while American Gangster took in $15.8 million.

Every other flick was several long strides back going into the weekend's first turn. Good to see animation back in the upper tiers, although I wish it could have been number one...

Update: American gangster finishes on top -- $46.3 million for its opening weekend. (And based on President Koch's box office multiplier, that should compute to $145-180 million when it's domestic theatrical run winds down.)

Bee Movie's second-place opening takes in $39.1 million, which should place it in the $120-$160 million range when all is said and done. (The math: Opening weekend x 3-4 = box office total).

And let's not forget The Ten Commandments! Down there at #33, it's closing in on a million dollar box office. A MILLION DOLLAR BOX OFFICE!


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