Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Strike Down ...

... and one to go:

Broadway stagehands ended their 19-day strike late Wednesday night after officials for Local One of IATSE and theater producers agreed to a tentative deal.

The new contract provides an unspecified raise in wages and gives the League of American Theaters and Producers a reduction in the number of stagehands required for load-ins, the period in which a show is first installed and mounted.

"This is a good compromise that serves our industry," said Charlotte St. Martin, the league's executive director. "What's most important is that Broadway's lights will be shining brightly."

The strike in New York had a lot of momentum behind it for getting settled:

A) The theatrical producers were losing big money every night their shows were dark.

B) The holidays are the high-profit time of year and once those squares on the calendar are gone they are like, gone.

C) The IATSE and Disney were in the background, quietly twisting arms.

But whatever the ultimate lever was for reaching a deal, it's a good thing the parties hammered out a new agreement, yes?


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