Saturday, May 02, 2009

Annndd .. They're Running

(Now with extra-spiffy Add On.)

... with Wolverine leading the field on a Friday afternoon.

... "Wolverine" easily topped the daily rankings Friday with an estimated $35 million in its first day of release. The tally included almost $5 million rung up from more than 1,500 performances at midnight Thursday ...

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past comes in a distant second ($5,810,000) while last week's top dog Obsessed descends to third and a total of $38,952,000.

In the animation department, Monsters Vs. Aliens resides at #7, where it now totals a eyelash less than $178,000,000.

The newer 'toon Battle for Terra opens weakly in the twelfth position.

Add On: To nobody's great surprise, Hugh Jackman in Wolverine takes the top spot (contrast this with Hugh Jackman in Australia. Crikey, we need them comic books ...). The wolf man collects $87,000,000, lapping Ghost of Girlfriends Past ($15,325,000) by several circuits.

Sixth place Monsters Vs. Aliens has the smallest drop (-31.9%) of any feature in the Top Ten. DWA's latest is now within throwing distance of the $200 million marker, with $182,405,000 in the till.

Battle for Terra failed to ignite, taking in $1,064,000 in 1100 theaters ...


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