Monday, May 04, 2009

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I hope you're sitting down, because here comes a ... wait for it ... car 'toon!

... Larry Kasanoff's Tinseltown Toons [is set] to produce "Nascar: The Secret Life of Cars." ...

The direct-to-DVD pic will be distribbed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment in 2011. The final title may change.

Film, which will detail what happens in a Nascar garage when the humans have left and the cars come to life, is being eyed as a way for the racing org to try to lure a younger generation of fans at a time when the sport is watching its viewership head in reverse.

What an absolutely smashing, original idea! An animated feature about cars! Who would have thought of it?! Somebody over there at Tinseltown is really earning his money this week. I'm stunned.

But then, that's why Larry K. pulls down the big bucks and makes the big deals, and the rest of us just muck about in the trenches, hoping for an occasional dollar bill to drift our way.


Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair between lifting from the Chevron commercials (not to mention Suzie the blue coupe) and Doc Hollywood Cars wasn't screaming original thinking either.

Anonymous said...

what happened to his masterpiece, FOODFIGHT?
he boasted this was the next best thing.

Anonymous said...'s not as if doc hollywood was terribly original either. Been done a thousand times. Cars, while not the best Pixar film, is far better than doc hollywood.

And it's very popular with families.

And it's made almost 6 billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's better... They already had a first draft (DH) to work from!

Anonymous said...

...but it was draft 11364. And a better draft than doc hollywood (which no one saw).

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny though how everyone that DID see DH AND Cars draws that very comparison? Can't just be a coincidence. Must be a Dreamworks conspiracy!

I mean come on... All Cars needed was a pig and Michael J Fox.

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone...I thought ripping off Pixar movies was Dreamworks' job?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of that Stan Smith quote from American Dad. "It's the new Pixar movie. 'Clothes.' It's about the secret lives of clothes."

Anonymous said...

What is "american dad?"

"Hold the phone...I thought ripping off Pixar movies was Dreamworks' job?"

Nah, they gave that up for fart jokes.

Anonymous said...

Nah, they gave that up for fart jokes.Name the last Dreamworks fart joke that bugged you so much...or don't you watch their films?

You're probably thinking of "Shrek", the Steig-adapted comedy about an ogre who was filthy and foul and loved all things disgusting, like farting and belching. The "joke" wasn't that someone farted, it was that someone aggressively enjoyed it and wasn't embarrassed by it.

That's how that meme got started. I'm thinking back through the Dreamworks films I know and can't think of any other glaring examples all over the place, but I'm sure all the haters can correct me, right? They must be there, because that's what every fan and reviewer keeps hammering on, over and over. Right?

Anonymous said...

While not fart jokes per are some cheap groin/ass jokes right off the top of my head:

MVA: Ass on the scanner
KFP: Ass on face while falling down the stairs
Madagascar 2: Gloria and the big hippo have a whole song about their plump asses
Flushed Away: Candy bar floating in the sewer to mimic a turd
Over the Hedge: "Give your privates a good licking"

Just off the top of my head, and Im sure there are more, and not just from Dreamworks either. But you cant deny many animated films are full of dick and fart jokes.

Anonymous said...

Well none of those are dick OR fart jokes.

People laugh at this stuff. That is why they are in the movies. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Sure and Walt always loved a good ass joke in his films as well....suddenly we're all too cultured for juvenile humor?

Anonymous said...

first anon has a good point with susie the blue coup.

what ever happened to Foodfight?

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