Sunday, May 10, 2009

Changes At Imagi

I visited Imagi the end of last week; word is out and about that the studio will continue to exist, fuction, and produce new product (a good thing).

One of the execs there said changes would be happening at the top of the company ... and now, whaddayknow, here they are:

Douglas Glen, the chairman and CEO of Hong Kong-based Imagi Intl. Holdings Ltd., has resigned.

In an announcement Sunday, Imagi said it's begun a search for Glen's replacement and that board member William Courtauld has become acting CEO.

Glen joined Imagi in late 2006. Most recently, he oversaw the studio's "Astro Boy," which will be released in October ...

Mr. Glen was the man in charge when Imagi's west coast studio abruptly laid off all its staff when a cash flow problem cropped up several months back. The California studio suddenly found itself in problems because the crew went without paychecks for several weeks, hardly a good thing for a film company aspiring to be a major player.

I think it's a safe assumption that Mr. Glen's departure is related to the fustercluck that occurred earlier this year. Probably other things, too, but I'm wagering the layoffs and unpaid salaries didn't help Douglas Glen's cause very much.


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