Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend's Total Tally

The final weekend numbers were, apparently, a disappointment for the biz:

The healthy box office seemed to lose its mojo over Memorial Day.

Overall ticket sales for the weekend rose only 2% from last year, according to, a big downward shift in a year where the total is up more than 14% ...

Night at the Museum Deux came in at $70 million, which was (we're told) right in the middle of expectations. Terminator Salvation? Not quite there:

"Terminator" paled next to other big summer action movies like "Wolverine" and "Star Trek" and didn't even match the opening weekend of "Terminator 3" six years ago. The $200-million movie started relatively well Thursday but quickly lost momentum. That's a sign of weak word of mouth and should leave Warner Bros. and The Halycon Co., which financed the film, concerned that it will decline rapidly in the coming weeks ...

The smallest slide in the Top Ten happened to #7 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which dropped a mere 27.3%. The biggest decliner was tenth place 17 Again, taking a -62% body slam.

Monsters Vs. Aliens, hanging in at #9, has $195.3 million in its knapsack, and for a few more hours will continue to be the most successful film of 2009. (Fifty-six percent of a worldwide total of $345,566,683.)


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